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Added transcripts of the Zurara's Logs.

The community has made another huge step in finding out the awful truth behind the Dynasty Expedition.
The Tionisla riddle lead to SYREADIAE JX-F C0 and the lost megaship Zurara.
The video riddle lead to 46 Eridani, where you all should be on the 29th of this month at 18:00 (ingame time).

Grab your free PowerPlay Decals! Represent! Do it!


Patch 2.3 will be live later today. Servers are already down for the update. Check the patchnotes.

To keep you busy there is a livestream starting at 2PM BST!

And at 11 am there is an AMA with David Braben over on the Elite Dangerous Reddit.


Added & updated some stuff.


Added CMDR Hughmann's Elite inspired music to YT page.
These albums are absolutely AWESOME! Like & Subscribe!

Added System Descriptions page.
Minor updates to the Thargoid page.



Added Permits. Only basic information at the moment.

Added three entries to Lost Places: Dixon Dock, Lookout Military Test Facility & Medical Research Facility MIR-14.


Added a lot of transcripts for Tourist Beacons 0251 - 0400.

Added Ships. Only basic information at the moment.

Today's (Almost) Daily Screenshot

Was taken in: The aftermath of a fierce battle!
Give that Sidewinder a hug! It needs one!


Added a lot of transcripts for Tourist Beacons 0001 - 0250.

Today's (Totaly Not) Daily Screenshot
Was taken in: The vicinity of Veil Nebula West!
Isn't it beautiful?!

Added Lost Places Logs!

Check out this article on Ars-Technica about patch 2.3! And the recently discovered Exo-Planets!

Today's (Almost) Daily Screenshot
Was taken in: Times long past!
Can you still remember?


Insane support from the community for Project168!

Not even 48 hours in and you helped Project168 to already reach over 50% o
f their £10000 goal!
You guys are officially mental! And even more awesome!!!

Today's (Almost) Daily Screenshot
Was taken in: DNT RMBR WHR System!
We've all  been there... Haven't we?

We've lost contact to one of our operatives. Only fragments of his last transmission reached us and so far just the last sentence could be reconstructed: "They are coming!"


Project168 starts tonight!

This very special charity event is attempting to raise £10000 for a very special organisation: Special Effect!

Special Effect do incredible work for disabled children, making custom controllers and allowing them to play videogames; something a lot of us take for granted. The amount of lives they have changed, and their contribution to gaming is mind-blowing.

To this end, Dan and his good friend Graeme are embarking on 168 hours of Twitch streaming, to raise money for Special Effect as part of the Gamesblast 17 event. They felt that 48 hours wasn't quite enough, so they'll be streaming in 12 hour shifts back to back for an entire week!

Hopefully they can get somewhere near their goal, make a huge difference to the lives of less abled gamers, and have a blast at the same time!

Join them from 20th-26th February live on Twitch!

Find their Twitch channels here: CMDRHughMann & DJTRUTHSAYER (a.k.a Admiral Unicorn)

Today's (Almost) Daily Screenshot

Was taken in HIP 38064! What an awesome looking system!


Peace has returned to Kamchadals!
























Ram Tah made another breakthrough in regard to the Guardian Sites. Scanners are now able to detect Guardian Sites at a distance of up to 1000ls!
Check your Navigation-Panel!
Read more on GalNet!


Scandalous claims made by Kamchadals' Major Limited have led to open conflict with Sektion 20.
"Sadly, corporate failure has brought war to KAMCHADALS once again. Major Limited not only made its citizens suffer the consequences of their blind expansionism but has now stooped so low as to push them into a conflict simply to obfuscate the real reasons behind their recent economic failure! This is not only unacceptable but highly despicable! We reject these baseless accusations and will strive to end Major Limited's charade as soon as possible, bringing back peace and order for all the people of Kamchadals!"


The first Gamma layout Guardian Site was discovered.


According to Galnet the systems SYNUEFE LY-I B42-2, SYNUEFE NL-N C23-4 & SYNUEFE TP-F B44-0 each contain 3 additional Guardian Sites.


Sovereignty passed us a little riddle "Deliver red and blue flowers to Mr. Turner" (And please don't spoil the riddle for others if you have solved it.)


Communication satellites compromised! Switched to secure channels!